Work With Me


Aside from writing Best Dad, what else do I do?

I write: that’s the ‘day job’ and the relevant site for it is

If you’d like to work with me, here’s a brief outline of what I do away from ‘Best Dad.’

Blogging and Copywriting

I ‘ghost-write’ blogs for clients: these are published on a regular basis – one of my clients publishes weekly, the others fortnightly. I’ve written for my longest-standing client for five years – around 250 blog posts without ever missing a deadline, and next year we’ll be producing the first book based on the blog. It’ll be a business book – very much centred on work/life balance – and the target is to sell 10,000 copies.

I also run workshops on blogging and I’m developing an online training course. I’m also aiming to produce a book later this year: it will be about ‘Blogging for your Business’ and will draw on the experience of writing blogs for my commercial clients. If you’d like to be kept in touch with progress or you’d like the occasional sample chapter, let me know via the contact form.

As well as the blogs I do general copywriting – typically these days that means the copy for websites, but I also do press releases, social media profiles and anything else that a business might need.

Speaking & Speechwriting

I’ve been writing the blog – or newspaper column as it was originally – for 12 years now. Over 600 columns/posts and approaching 400,000 words. Number of deadlines missed in that time? None. So I know a thing or two about producing good quality content on a very consistent basis.

So I speak about content, storytelling, blogging – and the lessons I’ve learned as a father from writing about my children for twelve years. And last year I spoke at Blogstock with my son – that was a real privilege. I spoke about writing about my children: he spoke about what it’s like to be written about.

I’m also writing an increasing number of speeches for other people. So if you want to stand up with confidence and sit down to a serious round of applause, get in touch.

Training & Coaching

My training and coaching work breaks down into three:

  • Working with business clients to develop a long term social media strategy and putting that strategy into place
  • Long term coaching work – usually on blogging – with both corporate and individual clients
  • And one-off training sessions on blogging, Twitter and social media generally, which generally take place at my office in Scarborough

If you’d like to talk to me about any of the above then – if you don’t already know my e-mail address – just use the contact form and I’ll get back to you the same day. I’m happy to talk: I’m even happier to do that splendidly old-fashioned thing and meet you.