Public Speaking

Answering questions afterwards...

Answering questions afterwards…

As you’ll see from a recent post ‘Ben’ (Alex in real life) and I made our public speaking debut on March 23rd. We’d spoken together previously – at Blogstock in 2014 – but this was the first time the content had been exclusively about parent blogging: me talking about what it’s like to write about your children for 13 years, Alex talking about what it’s like to grow up “with my whole life documented for all the world to read.”

How did it go? Really, really well. I spoke for around 20 minutes, Alex for about 15 and then there was a good ten minutes of questions.

We’re reprising the presentation in Selby on April 8th and then – subject to the demands of irritating interruptions like College and AS level exams – we’re available for bookings.

For parents, this is a unique presentation.

I’ve been writing about my children since 2003. In that time we’ve gone from party bags, nativity plays and the sheer hell that’s a family changing room at the swimming pool to teenage angst, slamming doors, leaving home and the question every father of a teenage girl eventually asks: ‘is she really going out with that boy?’

Clearly there have been some changes, and I’ve written about nearly all of them. But how do you do that and keep a relationship with your children? Just as importantly, how do you grow up normally when everything you do is written about? As Alex says in his speech:

You’re a teenager. Not always the most rational species on the planet. You might think that from time to time we haven’t wanted to be written about. And you’d be right.

If you’d like to hear the answers to those questions, from two speeches which mix the humour of family life with the questions all parent bloggers must eventually ask themselves, then get in touch with me.

Reaction to Blogstock: 

“My face hurts I was laughing so much. Thank you to @BestDadICanBe and your son for such an amazing speech.”

“Great talk from @BestDadICanBe with brilliant insight from his son.”

“Fantastic and inspiring talk from @BestDadICanBe and his son.”