Father’s Day

Father’s Day this year is on Sunday June 16th. As I write, that’s a little under two months away – two months which, as we all know, will pass in approximately five minutes.

This year I’d like to make it easy for you. No ties, no socks, no what-the-hell-shall-I-buy at the last minute.

Buy him a book – about being a Dad. About the everyday trivialities of family life – that will remind him how life used to be, or let him know what’s coming over the next few years.

Back in 2006 I self-published ‘Chronicles of a Desperate Dad.’ It covers the first three years of my columns about the family. Some of them are on the website, a lot of them aren’t. The columns start when Tom was 9, Jessica a sweet little thing of 7 and Ben a rosy-cheeked 4 year old cherub. When the book finishes, they’re 12, 10 and 7.

…And during those three years we consigned a dead goldfish to a special, watery Heaven, wrestled with the hell which is a family changing room at the pool – and discovered why Dads have to pay so much Front Door Tax. In fact, we did everything that families do – and every week I wrote about it.

I’ve about 100 of the original books left. They’re in absolutely brand new condition, 300 pages long and will make a perfect Father’s Day gift. What’s more I’ll sign them and write any dedication you want. They’ll then be sent first class to arrive in loads of time for June 16th. Cost? £9.95 which includes the post and packing.

You can pay in one of three ways. First of all you can do that deliciously old fashioned thing and send a cheque to Mark Richards, 309 Woodend, Scarborough, YO11 2PW. Secondly, you can transfer straight into the bank – drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you the details. Finally, here’s a snappy little logo which takes you straight to Google checkout…