Blogstock 2014: The Son Also Speaks…

Is he a better public speaker than his Dad?

Is he a better public speaker than his Dad?

The speeches have been written. Rehearsals have started.

And I am incredibly privileged. And more than a little frightened.

Blogstock – the world’s first blogging festival – is taking place on August 8th and 9th. At 10:15 on the Saturday morning I’m going on stage to speak. And around 25 minutes later the next speaker will step up to the mic. It’s Ben – my teenage son.

I suppose this is the moment to come clean. His real name’s Alex. The children have always had their names changed on the blog – and with the exception of this one post I think I’ll stick with the fiction. But as you can go on the Blogstock site and a) see Al’s name and b) see his pic – and anyone who’s thinking ‘Hmmm… Better looking than his Dad’ stop reading now – calling him ‘Ben’ in this one seems a bit silly.

I’m going to talk about creating content for your blogs and what it’s like to write about your children for over 11 years – it was Spring 2003 when the original newspaper column started.

And Alex – who was four when I started writing – is going to talk about what it’s like to be the subject of a blog. How will your children react to being written about? Is it fair to carry on writing about them when they’re teenagers? Well at Blogstock, you’ll have the chance to find out.

I’m going to speak for about 25 minutes and Al for about 15 – and then we’ll answer questions.

Speaking with my son is going to be very special. There aren’t many walks of life where you can perform with one of your children as equals. It’s something I never even imagined when I started writing about my family. So yes, I feel very privileged.

…And more than a little nervous. Alex is well ahead of me in the practice stakes. So if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and rehearse. And rehearse and rehearse and rehearse. I need to catch up. I don’t want people wandering away from the Blogstock marquee muttering, ‘Yep, he was a lot better than his Dad…’

One last thing. I’m ashamed of how long it is since I updated ‘Best Dad.’ I’ve been incredibly busy with those client thingies that get in the way of life’s essentials like tweeting and blogging. There are around twenty posts waiting to go live including one called ‘The New Girl’ – what it’s like when your beloved teenage daughter comes to work for you…


  1. You and Alex were both amazing. Thoroughly enjoyable talks and Alex is a seriously confident (or manages to look it) and articulate young
    man. I hadn’t read your blog before… but I have now!

  2. Good luck to both of you at Blogstock. Don’t know what you’ll do if Ben/Alex turns out to be better than you!

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