Another Slice of Sam’s Pizza

Absolute favourite for reading out loud...

Absolute favourite for reading out loud…

It’s a sure sign that your bedroom needs re-decorating.

You’re 17 and the frieze running round your wall is covered in smiling seals and sailing boats. Yep, time for Mum and Dad to do something.

But before we’re condemned – and Ben sues for the psychological trauma of children’s wallpaper throughout his teenage years – let me enter a plea for the defence.

Tom. Jessica. University accommodation bills. And re-plastering the ceiling – instead of Mum and Dad having a weekend away, obviously…

Anyway, we’re on to it now. Tom’s not back until Easter, Ben’s been moved upstairs and Jane and I are like a well-oiled machine…

“Right, Ben’s entire bookcase needs sorting out. We’ll save some books for our future grandchildren. Everything else can go to the charity shop … What’s that you’ve got?”

“A certificate. Inter House Swimming Gala. Juniors. 25m Breaststroke. First place. We’re keeping that. It might make all the difference when he applies to Goldman Sachs in five years’ time.”

“Alright. But we don’t need every picture he ever painted.”

I set to work. And stopped almost immediately.

“Now what?”

“I’ve found The Wide Mouthed Frog. Shooting out his long, sticky tongue.”

My wife sighed. That, ‘I’m too old for another child’ sigh.

“I’m a wide-mouthed frog and I eat flies,” half of the well-oiled machine said.

“Alright, darling. But in the short term could you put your tongue away and carry on working?”

I was dimly aware that Jane was filling three boxes for every one of mine. Then again, she wasn’t working on the bookcase…

“Look! Five go to Finniston Farm. I used to love reading Famous Five to Jessica.”

“Just put it one side, darling. And keep quiet. It’s probably illegal to own a Famous Five book these days.”

Quite so. Some stories didn’t quite match today’s stringent standards of political correctness. I had vague memories of some serious explaining and a whispered, “don’t say that at school.”

What was next? Moving furniture. My wife appeared to have cleared half a bedroom while I’d managed a shelf. Well, half a shelf.

Desk, chair and extra computer desk were duly shifted into Jessica’s room. Let’s hope she doesn’t fancy a weekend at home any time soon.

Back to work. Time to play one of my trump cards. “Why don’t I make you a cup of tea, darling?”

“No. We’ll have one when we’ve finished.”

Damn it. She puts those paint-spattered trackie bottom on and there’s no stopping her.

I reluctantly went back to work. And then stopped. Again. “Sam’s Pizza,” I said.


Sam’s Pizza. My all-time favourite.”

We’re all agreed on one thing, aren’t we? There’s no greater pleasure than reading to a small child. And in the read-aloud pantheon, Bear Hunt is good, Gruffalo is fine but nothing – absolutely nothing – is as much fun as Sam’s Pizza and the brother/sister storyline. And with that unabashed commercial, I’m sure David Pelham won’t mind me quoting my favourite verse. How Ben and I loved this one…

I want my olives cut in half/Like in the cook book photograph/ ‘Okay,’ Sam gave a weary shrug/One olive was a big black…

“BUG!” we’d yell in perfect harmony as my little boy lifted the flap. Happy, happy days…

I stared at the pile of books on the floor. And realised how much we used to read to our children – and how much reading they did on their own. I don’t wish to get old but what I wouldn’t give to snuggle up with a small child and Sam’s Pizza again.

“Hi, Tom. No, nothing special. Just phoning to see if you’re OK. And if you’re in a serious relationship…”

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  1. ‘Love the post Mark!
    Our son is going to be 14 next month and has really outgrown his bunkbed as he’s so tall! My husband and I are not DIY people so we have a friend coming in to re-design and furnish it for us, in conjunction with “The Tall Young Gentleman” (that’s his on-line name)…

    I gave away his toys to a local toddler group but I can’t give away his books. We love books as we’re a family of readers so I’m keeping ’em!
    p.s. I recently found a video of him on my laptop when he was 2. His eyes were so huge. His skin was so pink (it was winter) and he was looking up at me with such intensity. Now I’ll be lucky if he looked at me at all lol!

    • Don’t be so sure about that ‘not looking at you…’ I’d a few jobs with Ben at the weekend – rubbish to tip, old games to the charity shop. And then he came round the supermarket with me! “No problem, Dad.” Obviously cost me about £20 extra as he remembered everything he’d run out of – but a price well worth paying. And sound decision re the DIY. Open a bottle of red wine and let someone competent get on with it…

      • Absolutely! Why waste valuable time. Once, it took us 6 months to paint a single wall. After that, I got a painter in who did the whole house in two days!
        We haven’t yet got to the “will-you-come-with-the-shops-with-me” stage unless an expensive lunch is involved! And to think that I used to be able to lure him with ice-cream. Not any more…..!

  2. This brought back many happy memories. Of all their things, the children’s books are the hardest to get rid of. We didn’t have Sam’s Pizza though!

    • Thanks for the comment, Annette. Absolutely agree re the books – we’ve saved about three boxes worth. Can only hope we have a lot of grandchildren… And about 30 minutes after that post went live Jessica sent us a text: What are you guys doing next weekend? Thought I might come home…

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